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Patricia Atchison (left) and Sandra Herbert present Dominic Wilson (center), with a copy of Little Blue Penguin. Dominic won the draw for the celebration of 100 Years of Alberta Libraries from the Cremona, Library (Alberta). Wood Lily Publishers, is a Division of Atchison Literature Inc. Patricia L. Atchison started Wood Lily Publishers, in 2007, to publish her Children's books. An independent publisher with an interest in children's and young adult fiction, Wood Lily Publishers' first title, Little Blue Penguin, a picture book for ages 2 to 5 was published in 2007. Our second picture book, McKenzie's Frosty Surprise, for ages 4 to 8 was released in October 2008.

Wood Lily Publishers recently published, How To Write For Children, An Easy Three Step Guide To Writing Children's Books in .PDF format, and also soon to be released in formats for media devices.


We are currently not accepting submissions from authors or illustrators.

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